Finding Myself in The Winter Practice

I must confess, I adore The Winter Practice and I don’t do enough of it. I love a hotish vinyasa as much as the next person but I know that my time doing the contemplative forward bends, turtle poses and seated twists is worth it because it pays off, big time. This is how I replenish my energy, restore my tired body and tap into my depths -to align with my higher frequency and do the real work I’ve come here to do.

The Winter Practice is, essentially, a practice to restore the pulsation of energy and sensation in the body/mind while feeling safe, cared for and internally organized. It produces feelings of vitality, well-being, inner strength and joy. It relieves emotional distress, depression, chronic stress, fear and anxiety.

It involves learning how to generate internal heat and allowing the rising heat to open you. Cold weather contracts the energy and emotional bodies as well as the physical body. That contraction can make us feel exhausted and defeated until we realize there is another, more empowered response that invites us to actually meet our circumstances without resistance and without collapse.

A good Winter Practice doesn’t involve a lot of jumping, inversions, backbends or standing poses. It asks you to go deep into an intelligently constructed, hip-opening, perineum-plugging forward bend and find your roots. Then you set up the right conditions for your energy to spiral and pulse; for nutrients to entwine their way into you and for you to be fed, not starved.

We are bioelectric organisms. We are alive because of the life force flowing through us. All poses are forms to contain a flow of energy. As this energy snakes it’s way through the rivers and tributaries of your body/mind, it also is transformed to a higher frequency at every chakra.

Each chakra is a different dimension of your being so, each successive dimension is nourished by a good pose. Old energy blocks are coaxed into surrender so the energy can flow into the next dimension, the next chakra.

As it makes it’s journey to your higher centers, you get glimpses of your soul’s plan. This happens around the second full moon of winter (January 27th – but it’s effects are felt for several days before and after). The Celtics called this period halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox Imbolc. It represents one of the four corners of the yearly cycle. They celebrated the pure, white, virginal image of the bride- the vision of a new life coming.

By the time Spring comes with the sap rising in the trees and the buds greening on the branch, your vision is stirring in you, awaiting it’s birth.

For those of you feeling especially exhausted from the intensity of the last two months, know that you are also probably feeling the 12/21/12 effects of the forces of the galactic center alignment. The alignment is (and has been) a decades long event and will be felt for sometime to come. It represents an opportunity to really reset your old dysfunctional ways. It’s up-leveling your frequency. It is important, for your health and stability, to realign and restructure your energy field to integrate this higher frequency.

This is how we organically align ourselves with the forces of the cosmos to do our work. The Energy Yoga practice teaches you, in four seasonal practices, how to master your life force so you can intentionally use it to manifest a creation from the depths of your being.

With prayers for your vision realized,


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