elizabeth-andes-bell-yoga-namaste-yoga-review--I stand for women unleashing and living their full glory and then, letting Nature take her course.

I believe…

  • The power you seek is already within you, waiting to be birthed, through your body, into the world.
  • Everything is energy and we have the power to influence how matter and energy behave.
  • Our bodies are the key to our transformation.
  • Disease, dysfunction and disorders originate as the blocking of the free flow of energy through a living system.
  • Mastering your energy and grounding it into your body is the fastest, most effective way to live as the vitality you truly are.
  • Everything we need to thrive and live with joy and vibrancy is already present, as one possibility, in our energy fields, waiting to be made manifest.
  • We have the power to purposefully create the right conditions to call that possibility into reality.

The reason we fail to manifest the changes we seek is because our energy is not strong enough to break the old patterns and get the new frequency established in the physical plane.

All healing happens in the now and in relationship.

What brings you here?

Is your health and vitality fading?

Does your body still hurt, in spite of everything you’ve tried?

Are you stuck in limiting patterns?

Do you need help maintaining focus, optimism and momentum?

Would you like to free up your life force and live more creatively and inspired?

Would you like a do-able daily practice that instantly primes you for peak performance?

If you’re a yoga teacher, fitness professional or healthcare professional:

Would you like to bring out the healer in you?

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Wouldn’t you like to charge for the premium services you provide?

What I do:

I teach your body what it feels like to open to a freedom and bliss you may have not experienced since you were a child.

“I felt profoundly a deep well of energy and body vitality that was tapped and released from our work together, a flow that had been blocked that was now just barely saying “Hi, remember me?!” A flow deeper and more complete than I’ve ever felt in this body, except perhaps when I was an infant, and new. I am so excited to continue working with you so that I can discover this flow in its full river energy! This plus the spiritual awareness and consciousness to go with it is surely the body for the Aquarian Age!”

Joan MacIntosh, Actor/Healer

I teach you how to do this for yourself in your own regular practice and in a thousand little moments of reconnection to what really matters.

I work privately with people at all levels of fitness. I work with those who don’t practice yoga as well as long time practitioners with persistent injuries or ones who just want to take things to the next level.

I teach teachers, therapists, body workers, nurses and performers how to incorporate this work into theirs.

I do this in privates, semi-privates, classes, workshops, retreats and trainings delivered in person and on-line.

“I discovered Elizabeth’s Energy Yoga class while seeking ways to heal after a debilitating accident. The clarity of her instruction and her careful attention to each student’s body position in every pose made me feel safe and secure under her tutelage. I developed the ability focus energy upon all the varied pieces of a pose. Through skillful deconstruction, clear demonstrations, individual corrections she weaved her healing stories throughout as she brought the ancient wisdom and practice of yoga to life. I am ever grateful for life changing gift she nurtured while we worked in class – the connection of body, mind and energy grounded and cultivated under her loving guidance.”

Shane Patrice, LMSW

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