Energy Yoga Therapy

Our mission is to teach people how to master their own energy fields; for the health, vitality and well-being we need to live life to the fullest.

Many physical and psychological problems we address with invasive treatments or medications or we attribute to aging, can be cured or managed with energy healing and therapeutic yoga. Why not combine and develop the best practices of both?

Most people (students and teachers alike) do not know how to access life force energy through yoga practices although it is a fundamental aspect of yoga. This is why, even though yoga is booming, it’s greatest treasures – are yet to come.

As we evolve, yoga evolves to help us break free of old limitations, metabolize our expanding horizons and move it forward into life.

Energy Yoga Therapy is a practice that merges the timeless wisdom of yoga with the contemporary spiritual goal of awakening while functioning at a high-level in the midst of a busy life.

We commit to deliver practical support and simple practices that anyone can do to clear, charge, strengthen and stabilize yourself to always be your best, regardless of the circumstances.

It is both good medicine and an operating manual for living at the edge of our blossoming potential.

A word about why we call it therapy‘.

The origins of the word can be traced to both ancient India and the monastic order of Theravada Buddhism. These Theravadins were said to reach Ancient Egypt and Greece and the word ‘theraputta’ and it’s English version, ‘therapist’, became known as meaning ‘doctor to the soul’ or ‘servant of God’.