The Alchemy of Yoga and What this Season Really Means for Our Evolution

crescent moon

Now that the holiday madness is over and life gets really quiet, it’s time to focus on how we’re living
our precious lives- and I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions either.

If you’re reading the signs, it’s everywhere-in plain sight…

In the season of dark and cold, we celebrate light, evergreens and the birth of hope.

We give gifts.

We sing praise to what is holy and sacred.

We actually stop our craziness for a day or two and honor this seasonal point of passage.

But, really, this is only the beginning of a wonderful journey through our own dark passage to our own rebirth.

Don’t jump back into the hustle and bustle full force just yet.

Schedule a little extra time to practice, meditate and journal now and through March.
Here’s Your Practice…

We’ve got three moons of winter to surrender our compulsions,

to will ourselves into whatever we’re calling a practice and Truth,

to drop into the deep stillness and listen,

and hear the call and find the light.

The time of the greatest external darkness
is the time of the greatest internal light.

This last solstice and new moon mark the true beginning of a new cycle of
stepping into responsibility and manifesting your gifts. The January full moon
offers an opportunity to align our lives with our hearts desire and illuminates
some possible structures you can create to support that unfolding in real life.

Follow the heart’s true calling. Build the form to contain it. This is the theme for 2015.

Here’s Some Inspiration for Your Journey…

The following poem, The Alchemy of Yoga, is my gift to you.

It’s a Manifesto for your Heroine’s Journey to the Goddess-in-You.

There is also a print-worthy PDF copy to hang on your wall and be your journey’s ally.

Click Here For Your PDF


The alchemy of yoga is that it teaches you how to
make art out of your life.

First you learn how to inhabit your body
and bring the light all the way down to your feet.

Then you learn how to bear your cross
and keep on walking – head held high.

In time, you learn how to bear witness to the unbearable,
and offer the perfume of your medicine with every exhale.
At last you take your place in the sisterhood of shamans.

Remember this…

Run to the pain, not away from it.
Use challenge, disappointment, illness and loss to temper a heart broken open.
Rest in the center.
Locate yourself the space inside and outside and you will find the threads,
To weave you back into the fabric of life and meaning.
And energy wants to move,
To fulfill itself by returning to Source.
Karma is not personal, it’s just energy wanting to go home.
Run to the habits and pain and open the space up,
for your vision to become your future.
Where do I begin, you ask?

Begin with what is already here, revealing all the places where you contract
away from life, where you are over-burdened…

And begin with what is always here, as your essence
aching to come into full, glorious bloom.

Begin with your body.

Begin with your energy.

Summon the sleeping goddess, Shakti, hidden inside you.
Divine Mother, Goddess of Creative Force.

Genius is your highest energy.
Purpose is it’s expression.

Be the artist of your life,

And light it up with an unmistakable radiance
Rooted in infinite space and eternal time.

Cultivate your Life Force Energy.
It is the most empowering act a woman can do.

Be the well, the river, the spring of this flowing energy.
Embody your natural, confident, sexy power -whatever your age.

And you will know:
This is who you really are.

You are wise.
You are a force to be reckoned with.

And in your timeless commitment to calling forth your beauty, truth and goodness,
You become the Artist of Your Life.

The Alchemy of Yoga
The Energy Yoga Therapy Manifesto
by Elizabeth Andes-Bell

With palms together,


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Finding Myself in The Winter Practice

I must confess, I adore The Winter Practice and I don’t do enough of it. I love a hotish vinyasa as much as the next person but I know that my time doing the contemplative forward bends, turtle poses and seated twists is worth it because it pays off, big time. This is how I replenish my energy, restore my tired body and tap into my depths -to align with my higher frequency and do the real work I’ve come here to do.

The Winter Practice is, essentially, a practice to restore the pulsation of energy and sensation in the body/mind while feeling safe, cared for and internally organized. It produces feelings of vitality, well-being, inner strength and joy. It relieves emotional distress, depression, chronic stress, fear and anxiety.

It involves learning how to generate internal heat and allowing the rising heat to open you. Cold weather contracts the energy and emotional bodies as well as the physical body. That contraction can make us feel exhausted and defeated until we realize there is another, more empowered response that invites us to actually meet our circumstances without resistance and without collapse.

A good Winter Practice doesn’t involve a lot of jumping, inversions, backbends or standing poses. It asks you to go deep into an intelligently constructed, hip-opening, perineum-plugging forward bend and find your roots. Then you set up the right conditions for your energy to spiral and pulse; for nutrients to entwine their way into you and for you to be fed, not starved.

We are bioelectric organisms. We are alive because of the life force flowing through us. All poses are forms to contain a flow of energy. As this energy snakes it’s way through the rivers and tributaries of your body/mind, it also is transformed to a higher frequency at every chakra.

Each chakra is a different dimension of your being so, each successive dimension is nourished by a good pose. Old energy blocks are coaxed into surrender so the energy can flow into the next dimension, the next chakra.

As it makes it’s journey to your higher centers, you get glimpses of your soul’s plan. This happens around the second full moon of winter (January 27th – but it’s effects are felt for several days before and after). The Celtics called this period halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox Imbolc. It represents one of the four corners of the yearly cycle. They celebrated the pure, white, virginal image of the bride- the vision of a new life coming.

By the time Spring comes with the sap rising in the trees and the buds greening on the branch, your vision is stirring in you, awaiting it’s birth.

For those of you feeling especially exhausted from the intensity of the last two months, know that you are also probably feeling the 12/21/12 effects of the forces of the galactic center alignment. The alignment is (and has been) a decades long event and will be felt for sometime to come. It represents an opportunity to really reset your old dysfunctional ways. It’s up-leveling your frequency. It is important, for your health and stability, to realign and restructure your energy field to integrate this higher frequency.

This is how we organically align ourselves with the forces of the cosmos to do our work. The Energy Yoga practice teaches you, in four seasonal practices, how to master your life force so you can intentionally use it to manifest a creation from the depths of your being.

With prayers for your vision realized,


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The Hidden Message of Valentine’s Day: Loving Makes Us Real

Love is anything but sentimental. In fact, it is the most real and creative
form of human presence. Love is the threshold where divine and human presence ebb and flow into each other.”
Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom,John O’Donohue.

There is beautiful heart wisdom in the Anam Cara teachings about love being the most potent medicine for healing, awakening and enlightening us. Here’s a taste…

“The human heart is never completely born. It is being birthed in every experience of your life.”

“Each person has an inner face, which is sensed but never seen. The heart is your inner face.

The human journey strives to make this inner face beautiful. It is here that love gathers within you.”

“Love begins with paying attention to others, with an act of gracious self-forgetting. This is the condition in which we grow.”

“Sometimes it’s easy to be generous outward, to give and give and give and yet remain ungenerous to yourself. You lose the balance of your soul if you do not learn to take care of yourself.”

You can Suffer from a Desperate Hunger to be Loved.”

“You can search long years in lonely places, far outside yourself. Yet the whole time, this love is but a few inches away from you. It is at the edge of your soul, but you have been blind to its presence. We must remain attentive in order to be able to receive. Boris Pasternak said, ‘When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your own heart and it is very easy to miss it. ‘ ”

Love is the Nature of the Soul”

“The soul needs love as urgently as the body needs air. In the warmth of love, the soul can be itself. All the possibilities of your human destiny are asleep in your soul. You are here to realize and honor these possibilities. When love comes in to your life, unrecognized dimensions of your destiny awaken and blossom and grow.”

Valentine’s Day is calling us to love, no matter what, no matter who and the angels have come to help us answer the call.

With deepest gratitude to all my love teachers,


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imageAs Above So Below

Everything is energy. Everything is pattern. Your beliefs, thoughts, energy, emotions, breath, body fluids, tissue and bone are little energy packets orbiting in repeating patterns. These layers intermingle. Some are more dense than others but all are subtle variations on a theme. This is why your body changes yet you remain, more or less the same. (Every seven years all your cells are completely replaced by new ones but you are still you.

This is also why healing and transformative work that does not include all levels of being, that mainly works on the mental level, is not integral and doesn’t really stick.

Yet, even though we are a synchronized symphony of energetic frequencies marching to the same beat, we can introduce higher frequencies and align with higher organizing principals. We can heal the body and evolve our being. We can awaken and live as our higher selves.

Energy Yoga Therapy

In Energy Yoga Therapy, we look at how we, as expressions of life, move, pulsate, coordinate and organize energy as we transpose energy into matter into energy into matter etc. This is the process of living we share with all life. When we get stuck, when we prematurely slow down or rush ahead only to crash and burn; when we get injured, sick, fired, divorced, anxious or depressed it is fundamentally about our energy. Everything on the outside is a mirror revealing where we disconnect from the flow of the universe inside us. The guru is everywhere. Before we enclosed ourselves in a bag of skin, we were consciousness pulsating with life connected to a cosmic matrix of pulsating information – as above, so below.

When we shift our energy metabolism out of the closed system that imbalances our bodies, emotions and minds, we stop draining the life out of us. When we shift into an open system interwoven into a rhythmically pulsating matrix, we add more life to us – as below, so above.

Aligning to this living grid acts is an organizing principal. It helps us develop structure and equilibrium. It glides fields of tissue, rhythms of breath, and widening perception away from old feedback loops toward more elegant, functional, creative and evolving organization. These two keys, the relationship between form and flow, reconnect us as a body and a soul in oscillating harmony with the primary energy of life.

This is the engine that drives the healing response. It is in water seeking equilibrium; nature balancing forces in seasonal cycles and time offering healing and forgiveness.

108 Breaths of Bliss

Energy is carried on the wave of breath. Pranayama and other conscious breathing practices are powerful ways to unravel old feedback loops that separate us from being in relationship to the flow of consciousness.

We’ve added 2 new breathing videos for you to try.

Hara Breath

Think of this as emotional first aid or as a practice before you start your day. It can be done anywhere. It roots your energy and makes you more bio-electrically alive. You’re less threatened, less defensive and less reactive. You’re better connected to your truth and your real power. You’re in flow consciousness.

Deep Release Breath

As you melt chronic tension patterns in the diaphragm and hips that contribute to anxiety and/or exhaustion, you feel a fundamental sense of safety and support. Remembering your origin as energy, you restore and revitalize body and soul – as above, so below, as below, so above.

Humanity’s next step is to master how we use our energy for our health and well-being and for creating a sustainable world. It will lift us to a new structure of consciousness. Yet, it starts with an intention, and a breath. It’s both macro and micro; very real and very intimate and we’re all breathing as one.

In loving service,


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