The Fall Practice

A Workshop with Elizabeth Andes-Bell

The Creator of Energy Yoga Therapy

You know yoga is deeply transformative on all levels of being but, do you know how to make that work for you?

Every season has a practice to balance the five elements in the body. These practices develop our wellness, longevity, self-mastery and conscious evolution.

Experience this practice yourself and walk away with tools to use for a lifetime.

Your energy is your greatest resource and you can nurture it to heal yourself and others. Energy Yoga Therapy offers a simple method to cultivate and metabolize greater life force energy.

The Fall Practice focuses on the lung and large intestine (your portals of intake and outflow) and the relationship between the lung and the kidney.

We associate the lung with courage but, if you don’t open the lung, you’re left with fear in the
kidney. Learn techniques to open and fill the lung to free the kidney.

Learn the foundation of building a strong warrior practice by developing inner and outer strength

(and sniff it out with acute awareness )

(not just your strength )

So you can hold a focus of centeredness

So you can read the meaning of experience

So you can hold your balance with your intelligence

So you can act decisively and swiftly-
And harvest the fruit of your experience.

All classes and workshops start slowly and build to a challenging crescendo that can be adapted to most physical restrictions with props. Hands-on healing adjustments are plentiful.These workshops are for all levels, including teachers.

Contact Elizabeth at for questions about the practice.