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Here’s What Some of My One To One Clients Are Saying


“I started working with Elizabeth privately after having completed 5 months of physical therapy following shoulder surgery. I still lacked full range of motion but really wanted to return to practicing yoga, albeit in a safe way to avoid re-injuring myself. I truly feel that I have made more progress in the 5 private lessons we’ve had than I had in 5 months of physical therapy. She is perceptive and intuitive about the body and therefore knows how to modify poses to help you get the most out of them given your current limitations. She’s been able to show me how to use yoga therapeutically to help get my range of motion back and improve my alignment to prevent further injury.”

Laura Gold




“I have known Elizabeth since 2008. I have found her work as a yoga therapist/teacher/healer to be unparalleled. Her ability to interweave form with spirit and psychology is unique and impressive. I worked with her because of chronic lower back problems and the results have been great.

I was going through some intense changes in my life, and Elizabeth helped me to see how my way of being and reacting in the world was part of the problem. She helped me to rediscover proper alignment in my hips, and also gave me insight into how my personal psychology was affecting my physiology. She gave me assignments for pranayama as well as asanas to help counteract the stress my body and spirit were facing, and I can honestly say she has been instrumental in my healing process.

I can’t say enough about Elizabeth’s skill as a teacher and therapist, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to go more deeply into their essence and form simultaneously.”

David Steinberg, Phd, LCSW




“A unique mind, body and energy union on much deeper level. Elizabeth gently guides you on the path to this profound intellectual and physical experience.”

Justyna T. Financial Risk Assessment Officer



Privates and Doubles Available:

If you have an injury or you’re recovering from an illness, you probably need to work with me one to one.

you can save some money and sign up for doubles with a friend (as long as you’re both at the same level).


To Get Started:

Email me at to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation and book your first session.